Sunday, August 12, 2012

Re-dedication of Thomas Moore's Tree in Avoca

Nora, Carol and Martin read poems by Thomas Moore at re-dedication of a new tree to replace the old one under which Thomas Moore sat and wrote his famous poems and songs.
Great music, poems and weather at the Meeting of the Waters, Avoca, Co. Wicklow.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Therapeutic Poetry Session

Wicklow Writers recently attended a therapeutic poetry session with Carol Boland - poetry therapist trainee with IaPoetry (USA).
The subject was Problem Solving.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Searching out shiny thoughts
A rhyme here or there
A phrase in long grass
A word in a bush
A sound idea
A wormword deep in a
Casual conversation
Baubles, things that hang
Poet, write me a nestfull
Of interesting things

Martin Swords
July 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

WAF Cosmic Gardens 2012

Beautiful day, beautiful poems at Cosmic Gardens, Wicklow Town. Organised by Wicklow Writers in assoc with Wicklow Arts Festival 2012, the day was a great success with poets from Gorey Writers, Shed Poets, Wicklow Writers, Greystones, Arklow, Wicklow and Dublin.

See our Facebook for more photos

Sunday, April 29, 2012

First collection of poems by Carol Boland

'The Overture' a collection of poems by Wicklow Writer, Carol Boland, will be launched on Sunday, 27th May. In association with Wicklow Arts Festival, the launch party will be held in Ernies Pub, in Wicklow Town, at 3pm. All invited.

Here is the title poem :

The Overture

Play me something
says the fisherman
as he lays her hands on the keys
takes his seat in the front row.

She takes her time
removes a layer of dust
from the piano’s skin
for this is her baby
her grand Russian spruce
grain long and close
crafted to stroke a clear tone.

She feels his eyes in the high
gloss of ebony sail,
offers him her time
arranging his fingers -
schooled for tying knots
not netting melodies,
and hand over hand
they practice the bowline
reef knot
the tying

Carol Boland

Help Wicklow Hospice - Over 100 books sold

On Saturday 28th April 2012, Wicklow Writers sold over 100 of their books, 'Anniversary' in aid of the Wicklow Hospice. We would like to thank Supervalu, Wicklow Town, for giving us the day and a big thank-you also to those who bought our books, gave generous donations, and stopped and chatted with us to keep up our morale.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Martin Swords - Kathleen's Child

Here is the link for my short video piece called "Kathleen's Child -

A Collection of Poems, and Things That Should Have Been Said."

By Martin Swords

Click here for Kathleen's Child dvd

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Poet, To His Love

You are my comma, my full stop.

You are my rhythm and my rhyme

You are the words I put on paper

The beginning and the end of every line


21 March 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celebrating Valentine's Day

At Wicklow Writers last Monday night meeting on Feb 13th we realized we were there on St Valentine's Eve, so as part of our Free Writing exercise we decided to write something inspired by St. Valentine's Day.

Here are some of the pieces - we thought you'd like to share them.

Valentine Love Poem

Love tapped at the door

Please let me in

No response

Love tapped again

As gently as before.

Only silence

Love waited then

Tapped again

Door opened

Would love go forward

Or wait a while


Love entered

Tip-toe tip-toe

Door closed

Cait Breathnach

Wicklow Writers


A Valentines Day Card was the highlight of a new year for us in the fifties. Looking back now to our innocence I am fascinated and intriqued by the little rhymes we exchanged. No big fancy cards just a plain sheet torn from the middle of our copies or a piece of cardboard from a cornflake packet. We covered the front page with big red X’s and hearts, wrote the well rehearsed verse on the inside. Ie

Roses are red , Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet And so are you.

Remember M Remember E Put them together Remember ME.

May your joy be as long as a rabbits ears, And your sorrows As short as his tail.

Waiting for an opportunity to sneak it into a boys schoolbag hoping he would recognize the handwriting, everyone vying for the same boy (the most handsome fellow in the class).

Long live the memories.

Nora Fleming.

Wicklow Writers


Put the kettle on luv

We’ll have a cuppa’

I’ve a bit of brack left

in the tin, will you have some?

Have you some for yourself so?

I have, we’ll have some together,

how was the meeting?

Fair to middlin’. A good turnout mind,

and plenty of shoutin’ from the usual voices

And did you learn anything by it?

I did – one way or another

it’s goin’ to cost us -

money we haven’t got.

But we’ll manage, somehow.

We will that luv, sure haven’t

we managed up to now and still here.

Indeed we have luv, indeed we have.

Martin Swords

Wicklow Writers