Monday, November 14, 2011

Wicklow Writers at Space Inside

Watch Wicklow Writers Martin, Eddie and Carol read their poems at the Space Inside Arts Club November 2011.
Just click on picture

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wicklow Writers in Space Inside Journal

The Wicklow Writers are included in the Poet' Corner in this season's bigger and better Space Inside Magazine.
Copies are freely available. Let us know if you can't find a copy and we'll try and do something about it!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Lucky Hat

E. J. Ryan

Once when walking on a heath
I saw a hat and looked beneath
Imagine when, to my surprise,
I realised it was my size
and so I placed it on my head
remembering words, somebody said,
an old adage perhaps you’ve heard it,
“If the cap fits then you must wear it.”
As I continued on my course
a voice called out from an unknown source,
“Hey you,” it cried, “bring back that hat,
I’ll have it known I paid for that!”
The comment stopped me in my tracks
and I turned in order to look back,
I could not tell initially
just who it was addressing me.
“Here I am, look down,” he said.
I looked and saw a man’s bare head.
“Don’t stare, it’s rude,” Head declared.
But I ignored him, and well.. just stared.
“I’m sorry sir,” I blurted out,
“I’ve never seen a head before without...”
“Without body, arm or limb...?”
“To say the least,” I said to him.
“It’s not the normal thing you know
to meet a head without a torso.
You will admit it’s quite disarming...
Please, forgive the pun, I meant.. alarming.
Where is the rest of you I asked?”
He looked up at me somewhat aghast.
Then launched upon a sorry tale
I must confess I turned quite pale.
“My left arm I lost, I’m ashamed to say,
when I fell asleep, while making hay.
The right, and here I will be candid,
I lost when playing with a one armed bandit.
Both legs I lost by the oddest chance
when the floor collapsed at a ceili dance.
My trunk was taken by my wife,
who’s gone on holiday to Tenerife.”
that’s what’s known as poetic licence
please don’t confuse it with reticence.
I know some words sound kinda crummy,
to understand them, ask Daddy or Mummy.
Please forgive this small diversion
I only wished to avoid confusion.
Now let me get back to where I was
concerning Head and the hat because
I cannot take up all of your day
there are other readers want their say.
I oughtn’t really have inquired
but my curiosity was inspired,
and so I asked,
in all creation,
how Head came to that location.
Head said, he tongued a lift so far
from the driver of a jaunting car
and since the rest was all downhill
he’d rolled along the path until,
he’d hit a stump
and gave himself a nasty bump.
“On coming round,” he said to me,
“to add insult to major injury,
I find you wearing my lucky hat,
now what have you to say to that?”
I humbly apologised to Head,
“I did not know it was yours”, I said.
“O what piffle sir for as to that
“why each bare head must have a hat.
For every bonce upon the planet
there’s a cap, a beret or a bonnet.
You are wearing my lucky hat.”
Well I had no argument for that.
So taking it at by it’s broad brim
I placed his hat right back on him.
Head thanked me and said, “ adieu,”
I nodded back and then withdrew.
But as I continued on my way
I heard Head sing a little lay.

“I wear a hat,
To me it’s a boon,
I won’t take it off,
anytime soon,
not anytime soon.

It makes me warm,
It keeps me dry,
It shades me from,
The sun up high.”

Good people now I end my story
and though it may, to you, sound gory
how fate had left ‘Head’ much depleted
still he remained quite undefeated.
Remember this important thing,
Life’s less tragic with a song to sing.


The Job

The Job.

E.J. Ryan

When a job needs doing,
it’s better it be done
with expediency,
“A stitch in time saves nine”.
But that does not mean to say,
that you should rush in any way,
for rushing,
never saves you time.
First spend an hour or two,
thinking over what to do,
read directions, study plans’,
lay out all the things you’ll need,
and remember that,
“More hurry means less speed”.
You should select your tools with care,
find an overalls to wear,
a pair of gloves will help you cope,
to say nothing of the soap,
that you’ll save,
if the job in hand is anything but clean.
There should be a first-aid kit,
where you can get at it,
nice and handy,
should there be a slip or two.
It should contain a plaster cast
and a few elastoplasts,
not forgetting,
cotton wool and iodine.
Now if something should be seized,
like when corrosion makes it ridged,
like someone dour and frigid,
then chose from off the bench,
a snug, tight fitting wrench,
and a hammer,
just in case it needs persuading.
Using penetrating fluid,
on a nut to be unscrewed,
I am told,
is quite the thing to do.
But should all your efforts fail,
and your thoughts begin to stale,
call an expert in to do the job for you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wicklow Writers join Gorey Writers

Wicklow Writers join Gorey Writers in Gorey Library for an end of season session.
Thanks for the tea and cake!

Friday, May 27, 2011


A poem, like a mirror
Enhances the mundane
Eithne Wright

After she cleared the table
After the dishes’ done
Looked in the broken mirror
He’d kept for shaving when
A slash of lipstick, she’d
Forgotten how it’s done
God, I can’t do this,
Look at you, the mirror
Taunted, her thoughts
Like a clown, lipfallen
She sat slowly down

Martin Swords
May 2011
Wicklow Writers

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wicklow Writers launch 'Anniversary'

To celebrate ten years of writing, Wicklow Writers have published Anniversary, a collection of short stories, poems, and even a comedy play.

As the title suggests, Anniversary celebrates the founding of Wicklow Writers, which was formed ten years ago in Wicklow Town, following a creative writing workshop run by Pam Beacom.

Having held weekly sessions over the ten years, in various venues in Wicklow Town, the group now meet in Kilmantin Art Gallery; an appropriate setting for their artist endeavours. Indeed, in collaboration with the gallery’s artist, Pat Dover, the book includes a selection of black and white photographs of Wicklow Town.

Liz McManus, a long-standing supporter of the writing group, says in the Foreword, ‘This really is a celebration of life in all its richness and diversity.’ In reference to the development of community arts, she adds, ‘The blossoming of groups such as Wicklow Writers is crucial. They open up our minds and our senses.’

When many writing groups, sadly, have fallen by the wayside, the Wicklow Writers continue to offer a supportive environment for writers. The accessibility of the creative pieces in Anniversary should give enjoyment to all readers. The inclusion of photographs adds another dimension to the collection, giving a synergy between written and visual images.

Published by Boland Press, Anniversary is available from Bridge Street Books and newsagents in Wicklow Town, or direct from the group at email:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Launch of 10th Anniversary Anthology

We are delighted to inform you that we have agreed a date, venue and time for launch of our anthology, Anniversary. Date: Thursday, 12th May, 2011 Venue: Ernie's Pub (upstairs), Wicklow Town. Time: 7.30 Invitations are being printed but you don't need one. Just turn up and join the party.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anniversary - A Wicklow Writers Video

We are putting together an anniversary video.

Keep watching, it is nearly ready for public consumption.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Teen Challenge - A WAF Event with Wicklow Writers

Spit it Out - Teen Poetry Challenge

Your theme - up to 20 lines - cash prizes for winning poems - up to 3 poems per person.

Latest entries: 6pm, Monday, 9th May 2011

Wicklow Arts Festival 2011 in assoc with Wicklow Writers & Wicklow Branch Library

Wicklow Writers and WIcklow Arts Festival

Cosmic Poetry - A Wicklow Arts Festival Event

Following the success of last year’s session, Wicklow Writers bring their poems once again to the Cosmic Garden, and invite you to bring along yours too.

Enjoy a cuppa before blast off, and bring a cushion. There may be some drumming, too!

Sun, 29 May at 11:15

An Tairseach Ecology Centre - left thro’ gates of Dominican Convent

Check out Wicklow Arts Festival new website for more great events

Friday, March 11, 2011

Success in grant application

Wicklow Writers are pleased to announce that they have been successful in their grant application to Wicklow County Arts Office. It's all steam ahead for their 10th anniversary anthology which is also part funded by Wicklow Town Council.
Also, in collaboration with Kilmantin Arts Gallery - where they hold their sessions - their book will include photographs of Wicklow taken by artist Pat Dover.

We will let you know when the big launch will take place!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Group session in Kilmantin Arts

Wicklow writers and Boland Press have completed the first draft of Wicklow Writers' 10th anniversary anthology.

They have worked in collaboration with Kilmantin Arts Gallery and the publication will include photographs of Wicklow by artist Pat Dover.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Glor Session, Dublin

A past Wicklow Writer, Peadar O'Donoghue, recently launched his poetry mag, The Poetry Bus.

Check out PJ Nolan's video of its launch at the Glor Session in the International Bar, Dublin.


Includes video of Carol Boland reading her poem, The final battle.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wicklow Writers support WAF

Wicklow Writers took part at a Wicklow Arts Festival fundraising coffee morning in Earls Cafe, Main Street, Wicklow in December.

A number of Christmas poems were read and together with the music and song by various artists, the morning was considered a great success.

Pic: Edward Ryan reading his poems at Earls Cafe

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wicklow Writers read at Space Inside Open Mic

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Martin, Edward, Ganesh and Carol strutted their stuff at an Open Mic evening at the Space Inside Arts Club, Wicklow.

Great poems intertwinned with great music and, with Ganesh trying his hand at stand-up comedy, the night was a great success.

Well done guys!