Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Poem about Food

‘Pieces of Bread’              By E. J. Ryan.

Pieces of bread, pieces of bread,
Fresh baked toasted or fried,
Cut into soldiers ready for dipping
In soft-boiled eggs golden and dripping,
Croutons for soup tainted with spice,
Oh, isn’t eating ever so nice?

What about meats? So many kinds,
Prime beef or lamb, bacon and pork,
Chicken and turkey or succulent duck,
Rabbit and game-bird, haunch of a buck,
Sausages, puddings, rashers thin sliced,
Oh, isn’t eating ever so nice?

So many fish, fresh from the sea,
Netted or caught on the line,
The salmon the cod, maybe a wrasse,
Tuna and herring, mackerel or bass,
Lobsters and squid, oysters on ice,
Oh, isn’t eating ever so nice?

There are the vegetables, many and varied,
Frozen or par-boiled or pickled,
Salads served fresh can be so crispy,
Spaghetti, all shapes, noodles so wispy,
Root veg of all kinds whole or well diced,
Oh, isn’t eating ever so nice?

Cheeseboard and fruit, too many to name,
Gorgonzola, cheddar, feta and brie,
Apples and pears, plums or a peach,
Strawberries and cream, just within reach,
Juicy sweet melons, care for a slice?
Oh, isn’t eating ever so nice?

What about something to wash it all down?
Whatever your pleasure may be,
Fruit of the barley or of the vine,
A variety of ales and of good wine,
In moderation it’s not a vice,
Oh, isn’t drinking ever so nice.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wicklow Library Book Launch

Finally we got a few snaps from the Long Stone book launch that was held in Wicklow Library in September 2014.
There was a lovely 'write up' in the Wicklow People also.  A great night was had by all. Photos and excerpt from the Wicklow People September 2014.