Tuesday, April 22, 2014

EASTER  PARADE by Nora Fleming

As I gaze into the mirror
A voice whispers in my ear
A reminder of my debut
Bliss, emotion and a tear,
Staring into each shop window
Admiring Easter Bonnets
Primrose yellow my first choice
With all the frills upon it.

Marching with the big Grand Marshal
To the drumming of the beat,
Flags blow gently in the breeze
From the lampposts on the street.
I feel like I am dreaming
It all seems so surreal,
Drums beat louder, we march along,
It’s true, “The dream is real”

Nora Fleming

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


A soldier of The Great War

I was a soldier once 
Now a bright white stone
I was a squaddie
Marching in step
Now I stand in line
Straight serried rank
I was a village lad
Laughing with the boys
Having a harvest beer
Now I stand forever
With my mates
No beer no harvest
Only the reaping of the dead
A generation cropped
Short before its bloom

Martin Swords
March 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Last Monday's Session

Ted chaired last weeks meeting (31 March 2014) and introduced a favourite poet of his to the group. Taylor Mali is an American poet who focuses on performance as well as content. We listened to two of his poem's 'What Teahers Make' and  'The the Impotence of Proof Reading'. The latter was my favourite and was very comical. Well worth a listen or a look!

So this weeks homework is different for each member. We shook up a dice with icons on Ted's Ipad (!) and each of us chose an icon on which to write. There was a key, a tree and a magnifying glass, to name a few. I chose the magnifying glass. As I may not be able to make this Monday nights class I decided I would put my homework up here. Hope you enjoy!

Magnifying Glass by Ruth Moore

'When things seem blurred and clustered 
And my mind can't focus right. 
I take out my trusty spy glass
To help me with my sight. 

It's round and circular dimension
Seals off the unnecessary
And it identifies and focuses
What really matters to me. 

It takes what is important
And brings it to the fore. 
It leaves behind the jargle, 
The white noise and uproar. 

Your mood at the time of using
Should not be one of disdain.
As a heated heart may sometimes
Start an unwanted flame. '