Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Broad Casting by Martin Swords



The Bishop and The Priest, The Teacher,

Doctor, Auctioneer,

these were the Grey Gods of the Grey Fifties

Even the Politician and the Merchant

had to pay Respect, to gain Respect.

Knowledge was broadcast at us

Like seed scattered on an empty field.

We were told the answers to the questions

we didn’t dare to ask.


Then the men in hornrim glasses spoke.

With no mention of God the new

black and white God spoke in every livingroom.

It told us what we ought to know,

it opened doors and shone light in the shadows

where the grey sins lay hidden by the Grey Gods.

We thought we were seeing.


The new Grey God lives among the stars.

In glorious colour it speaks,

it tells the news, it makes the news,

it tells us what it is we ought to know.

A black and white view in colour.

The old Grey Gods look on, green with envy.

The strings they pulled were never as long,

strong or well played as this brash messenger.

This full colour God in the sky.

We still think we’re thinking.

Nothing changes but the colour.




Martin Swords

Jan 2009



(“Broadcast” was originally an adjective and adverb, and meant literally “scattered widely”, particularly in the farming context of sowing seeds.)


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