Monday, November 9, 2009

The Home Place

For Night Light – Rathangan
by Dorothy Smith,
Hidden Histories
13 Sept – 9 Oct 2009

The Home Place

….sure is good to talk to you Brigid…

….you look after the old home place…
….boy we all sure do love that place…
….such memories….

Such memories.
Such memories.
Here am I living in your memories,
in the damp floors,
in the dark parlour where
I alone waked our mam,
in the pokey bedroom
with the flicky street light
The Home place,
where the heart is,
the broken heart

Martin Swords
Wicklow Writers
Poetry Day
October 1st 2009

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Anonymous said...

The Poets Lament

What's the point of writing?
It's all been bloody said,
You might as well put your marks on jax paper,
Pretty soon, we'll all be dead.

Composed while waiting for your meeting on Monday.

David Ennis, (Avoca)