Thursday, November 25, 2010

Threads of Silence

Threads of Silence


An empty house,

I dream the past

into a deep sleep,

On awakening

My subconscious mind

Relive the sounds

of the family home.

Banging doors,

Toilet flushing,

Radio blaring,

Footsteps everywhere.

Voices shouting

Hurry up with the bathroom,

Did you see my keys,

Hurry, the school bus is here,

These once familiar sounds

Now replaced by

Threads of silence.

A streak of light

Breaks through a half closed blind

Another day begins.

Blocking the silence

With everlasting memories

I watch the clock ticking away the hours.

I listen to the sounds of nature.

The husky voice of a woodpigeon coo’s

Tirelessly from the remains of a

dislodged tree house,

The rumbling noise of a plane

fades away in the distance,

The Jackdaws fighting in the chimney pot,

The continuous barking of a neighbours dog.

No banging doors

No voices from the kitchen.

Alone with the sound of memories.

Seven o’clock news,

The sun is shining

Eliminating the silence,

Nora Fleming, 14th June, 2010

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