Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wicklow Writers launch 'Anniversary'

To celebrate ten years of writing, Wicklow Writers have published Anniversary, a collection of short stories, poems, and even a comedy play.

As the title suggests, Anniversary celebrates the founding of Wicklow Writers, which was formed ten years ago in Wicklow Town, following a creative writing workshop run by Pam Beacom.

Having held weekly sessions over the ten years, in various venues in Wicklow Town, the group now meet in Kilmantin Art Gallery; an appropriate setting for their artist endeavours. Indeed, in collaboration with the gallery’s artist, Pat Dover, the book includes a selection of black and white photographs of Wicklow Town.

Liz McManus, a long-standing supporter of the writing group, says in the Foreword, ‘This really is a celebration of life in all its richness and diversity.’ In reference to the development of community arts, she adds, ‘The blossoming of groups such as Wicklow Writers is crucial. They open up our minds and our senses.’

When many writing groups, sadly, have fallen by the wayside, the Wicklow Writers continue to offer a supportive environment for writers. The accessibility of the creative pieces in Anniversary should give enjoyment to all readers. The inclusion of photographs adds another dimension to the collection, giving a synergy between written and visual images.

Published by Boland Press, Anniversary is available from Bridge Street Books and newsagents in Wicklow Town, or direct from the group at email:

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