Monday, July 25, 2011

The Job

The Job.

E.J. Ryan

When a job needs doing,
it’s better it be done
with expediency,
“A stitch in time saves nine”.
But that does not mean to say,
that you should rush in any way,
for rushing,
never saves you time.
First spend an hour or two,
thinking over what to do,
read directions, study plans’,
lay out all the things you’ll need,
and remember that,
“More hurry means less speed”.
You should select your tools with care,
find an overalls to wear,
a pair of gloves will help you cope,
to say nothing of the soap,
that you’ll save,
if the job in hand is anything but clean.
There should be a first-aid kit,
where you can get at it,
nice and handy,
should there be a slip or two.
It should contain a plaster cast
and a few elastoplasts,
not forgetting,
cotton wool and iodine.
Now if something should be seized,
like when corrosion makes it ridged,
like someone dour and frigid,
then chose from off the bench,
a snug, tight fitting wrench,
and a hammer,
just in case it needs persuading.
Using penetrating fluid,
on a nut to be unscrewed,
I am told,
is quite the thing to do.
But should all your efforts fail,
and your thoughts begin to stale,
call an expert in to do the job for you.

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