Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Word Smith

The Word Smith

Inspired by and dedicated to Seamus Heaney to mark his 70th birthday

What is the magic of the Word Smith
Taming the fire
Bending the earth
Bringing beauty from the brutal
Forging, refining
Shaping a sharp edge
Swords and Words
Sharp and Penetrating
Creating in mind and fire
Dreams, tools and everydays
That folk might live
Means of death, means of life
With the same strokes
Leaving a lasting mark

Are you a God, a Man,
or the SpiritWord
of Fire and Sound,
that men
both fear and love you.

Martin Swords           April 2009

Wicklow Writers Group

This poem, written in 2009 for the 70th birthday of Seamus Heaney
is posted today Friday 30th August 2013 to mark the passing of this great Irish Poet.

For all, thank you Seamus
Martin Swords

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