Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Lay of Glendalough

Saint Kevin and the Viking *

 In days of old when nights were cold
Saint Kevin and his band
Lived in Peace and Harmony
In Glendalough’s tranquil land

They worked and prayed each night and day
A simple life they led
They lived on honey
They had no money
This life is good
Just as it should
The weary Kevin said

From all around
From hill and town
The local people came
To sit with Kevin
To talk of Heaven
Such was his holy fame

He taught them all the way to pray
To live life rich and free
They said he spoke to animals
His goodness they could see
 ‘Twas said while praying by the lake
A blackbird nested in his hand
Knowing it was safe

 And all was good he prayed each day
He laboured for no reward
And when he tired and near expired
In Kevin’s Bed he lay
Then fame went out
Of monks devout
Who lived a life so rich
And word went loudly near and farvia
And reached  wild Scandinarvia

* This is an exerpt from the longer poem, in full
on Martin Swords Poetry site

Martin Swords  -  Wicklow Writers  -  Oct 2012

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