Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monday Evening Meetings post by Ruth Moore

This week's Monday night session's 'homework' is to research or read about the American poet, Billy Collins. Next week, 3 February, we will discuss and present a piece in his style. A quick 'google' of his name brings up a few animated Poetry videos, 'Forgetfulness' and 'the Dead', to name two. Worth a look!

Our recent entry into the 59th Wicklow Federation Drama Festival (noted in a previous blog) was thoroughly enjoyed - even if, in hindsight, it may have been the incorrect platform for our poetic sketch performance. It was great to see the high standard of theatrical performances from a number of the well established local drama groups. The experience was memorable and greatly appreciated.

Just a quick poem from a recent 'Free Writing' session we had at a Monday night meeting. The 'free writing' session lasts for about 15 minutes so the poem is unfinished and needs tidying-up but it is an example of 'on-the-spot' writing. The attempt here was to create a sonnet with the rhyming sequence 'abba , cddc, effe, gg' but you will note I've missed a line! Oops!

'Stepping Stone' 
by Ruth Moore

I've come from lands not far away, 
To this small isle, unknown before.
With eyes ahead, I land on shore.
With patience, focus, for however long I stay. 

I take the work you throw aside,
As this is not my final calling.
The thought of promise - I'm only stalling. 
Day-in, month-out, a passing tide. 

Nine years I have served and paid my way, 
Papers completed - I'm a better 'brand'
As if I were born a part of this land. 

No loyalty or allegiance to this land or home,
For this is but a stepping stone. 

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