Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Homework Update

Hi all, Ted here.

Things have been busy with the Wicklow Writers, though you might not know it.  This post is a quick report about what we call "Homework."  Each week we assign ourselves a small writing project of some kind to be completely for the following week.  These vary greatly and the extent to which the instructions are followed also varies a good bit. 

Last week, our homework was to write something (anything) that included the following words (chosen more or less at random): Look, And, Sacramented, What, Penguin, Never, and Mead.

Here's my submission.

Two men, well settled in to their seats in a sleepy pub late one afternoon. 

"Over there"
"Well I'll be a sacramented penguin!  I have never in my life..."
"Shhhh he's coming"

A man, dressed head to toe in authentic Viking garb enters the pub.  He sets down a large axe and what appears to be a battle-damaged shield on a nearby table.

"Mead" He shouts, as if it is the only English word he knows.  


This weeks homework (Due 31 March) is to write about the 36th of March.  36/3.  March the Thirty-sixth.  Anything could happen...


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